Established in 2000, Feminenza is an international non-profit organisation which spans the full spectrum of socio-economic groups with a commitment to provide all women in the world with the opportunities they need to live productive and developing lives. Approximately 500 women and men participate in the initiative and our current projects are focused on countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and the Congo, as well as the Middle East, Europe and North America.

For the most part Feminenza’s expertise is delivered pro-bono to developing countries. The list of beneficiary countries grows every year, as does the number of women ready and willing to offer their services for the betterment of other women around the world.

In the last four years, following the huge demand for Feminenza expertise, there has been a significant shift in the operating framework. Every Feminenza chapter is on course to becoming a charity. Educational content, training standards, corporate oversight and audit is undertaken by Feminenza International (the standards body). To ensure that standards are continually being upgraded, every chapter is licensed by Feminenza International. Within that license specific goals are set for the continuing upgrade of standards and capacity to be made available to women within the domicile of the chapter. Should a particular chapter need financial assistance in order to address significant local needs, its activities are subsidized by the rest of Feminenza worldwide.

Feminenza Chapter Board Members

Feminenza Denmark Board

Tine Schmidt
Board Chair

Sara Sander
Board Secretary

Marianne Jorgensen
Board Treasurer

Elisabeth Christensen
Board Member

Pia Weng
Board Member

Dana Bjerregaard
Forgiveness Faculty Chair

Dorthe Madsen
Forgiveness Faculty
Feminenza Germany Board

Brunhild Dickreiter

Christiane Heeke

Birgit Walkemeier
Feminenza Kenya Board

Monique Weber
Board Chair

Esther Keino
Board member

Des O’Sullivan

Pacifica Ototo
Board member
Feminenza Netherlands Board

Lieneke van der Linde
Board Chair

Vera de Wit
Board Secretary

Matthijs Vogel

Feminenza North America Board

Carla Ascoytia

Sharon Lange

Jill Grossman
Marketing Director

Eileen McGowan

Lara Javalyn

Tim Yehezkely

Feminenza International is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, and is registered with the Charity Commission in the UK, No.1170535.

Correspondence address: PO Box 638, Orpington, Kent BR5 1XU, United Kingdom
Office address: C/- 6 Shaw Street, Worcester, WORCS WR1 3QQ, UK, United Kingdom