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Feminenza Netherlands

Board Members
Jose Gusdorf
Chair of Stichting Feminenza Netherlands
Vera de Wit
Board Secretary
Sandra Reurings
Stichting Feminenza
Koperwieklaan 63
2251 NS Voorschoten
+31 6 3359 0371


Chamber of Commerce number: 28090267
Fiscal Number: 8102.73.081

I feel proud, feel empowered and have more self-confidence.
It was hard to have a look at myself, but now I see how special I am."

Participant of an Understanding & Managing Fear workshop in the Netherlands

Stichting Feminenza Netherlands is a public benefit foundation registered in the Netherlands. It is part of a global network of chapters in 15 countries.  Since its formation in 2001 it has offered a wide range of workshops, retreats, and counselling to the general public.  It also contributes to Feminenza International programmes abroad. Feminenza in the Netherlands received Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in 2011.

Our Mission:

  • To promote and sustain the long-term inner development of women, their understanding of themselves and their roles in leadership and society, whatever their background, creed or color.

  • To promote respect and understanding between the genders.


Our work includes:

  • Advancement of education for the public benefit, in particular by research and by providing educational tools and mentoring, in the fields of

    • transformative leadership

    • the prevention of armed conflict, ethnic and gender oppression

    • fear management and forgiveness

    • gender respect

  • Promoting human rights (as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations conventions and declarations) throughout the world by all or any of the following means:

    • Relieving need among the victims of human rights abuse

    • Promoting respect for human rights by individuals and corporations

    • Promoting popular support for human rights

  • Relief of mental, physical and emotional distress of persons suffering from sickness or trauma as a result of conflict, bereavement or loss, or for those facing their own death, by the provision of counselling and support.


Stichting Feminenza Netherlands
All works and activities of Stichting Feminenza Netherlands are executed on a voluntary basis and pro bono. Donations of a core group of volunteers provide a regular source of income by which we can fund our activities, projects and programmes. Since 2010 Stichting Feminenza Netherlands has had ANBI status, allowing all donations to be tax deductible. The governance of Stichting Feminenza Netherlands resides with the board:  Mrs Lieneke van der Linde (Chair), Mrs Vera de Wit (Secretary) and Sandra Reurings (Treasurer).


Remuneration Policy

Board members may not be remunerated for their work. Board members will have the right to reimbursement of expenses incurred.

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