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Principles & Aims

The Unison Principles of Feminenza

  1. Feminenza believes that the existence of the two genders implies a partnership to something better. Their union is designed to create something that is a step forward for humanity.

  2. There is a need for remedy and rebalance, not as a reaction against the past, but for the sake of the future, in which there is much yet to be understood about both genders.

  3. We believe there is a call for the feminine gender to learn and grow to meet what is needed now, to be open to the future, and to play its part in the next step of evolution and update of both genders.

  4. We uphold values that respect the uniqueness and sanctity of all life and the diversity and nature of cultures.

  5. As world citizens, all part of one human race, we are committed to finding and establishing the unifying perceptions and values that bridge the differences between all peoples.

The Aims of Feminenza

  1. To promote new understanding between the genders, and to establish an association based on respect and honour in the exchange that occurs between the natures of the masculine and feminine genders, coming from deeper insight, and wisdoms, promoting the best in each.

  2. To help restore the dignity and unique purpose of the feminine gender in these current times, by sharing existing and new knowledge towards promoting a better understanding of the true nature and potential of the feminine gender.

  3. To help women and girls searching for a better platform and better tools by which to proceed in life as and when possible, in any way or in any part of the world as membership and funding permits, by providing assistance in terms of support, education, and sisterhood.

  4. To promote an international web of strength, humanity, support and unity among women, and between women and men in these current times.

  5. To assist human development, by furthering these understandings through the global work and outplay of Feminenza.

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