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Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Forgiveness & Reconciliation


‘People2People’ Initiative

Our 1-year UNSCR 1325 ‘People2People’ initiative in the Rift Valley, Kenya in 2010-2011following the Post Election Violence in 2007/2008 trained 20 women leaders to become Forgiveness and Reconciliation Counselors. It enabled grassroots women in the communities most at risk (i) to reach across party and tribal lines to secure peace and security; (ii) to play a decisive role in conflict mitigation; (iii) to grow the inner development to help individuals and groups re-humanize each other, foster empathy and mutual understanding, build trust and create healthy relationships, as a basis for long term reconciliation. 20 rural women activists, each conducted their own community peace intervention project in Nakuru, Kericho, Borabu, Sotik, Kisii, Burnt Forest, Mt Elgon, Pokot and Turkana, and were assisted with training and mentoring about fear management, forgiveness, project planning and accountability, and media strategy. The community impact was considerable, with 5000 confirmed beneficiaries and independently verifiable outcomes. The women leaders trained still substantially contribute to the cohesion and security of their communities. Some of the trainees help us in our training programmes, others have become Board members of Feminenza Kenya.