Our vision is to provide a beacon of hope, a place of sanctuary, a place where women can come to be fortified internally, whatever their background, creed, or colour. It is a place where women can be safe to explore their inner journey, find the greatness of companionship, discover what we are here to do, and find ways to be useful to others.

It’s a place where young women can learn dignity, self-respect and the joy of being female. A place where women further along the road of life can share their wisdom. It is a place where we can get to understand more about relationships, the male gender, love, success, creativity and how to establish a real mutuality and understanding between men and women, so that we can work together for our future.

What We Do

Feminenza funds and directly manages five global programmes: Transformative Leadership, Understanding and Managing Fear, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Trauma Healing, and Gender Respect.

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Feminenza is active in 15 countries, with formal organizations having been established in 7 of these, for the delivery of Feminenza’s works to beneficiaries.

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Featured Projects

Run for the Future

On Sunday 15 May 2022 Hjalte Sander will participate in the Copenhagen Marathon, to support the work of Feminenzas Mental Health Support project in Paamiut, Greenland.

Sara Sander, who lived with her family in Greenland and worked there as a midwife for 1,5 years, was touched by the warmth, kindness, and humanity of the people. At the same time, she witnessed their struggle with mental health problems as a consequence of violence, abuse, and rough living conditions. She vowed to try and find a way to be part of the remedy. As a member and Chair of Feminenza Denmark, she was part of the team that developed the Trauma Healing Community Resilience Development workshop, which has assisted traumatized communities in Africa and Europe and realized that this could help strengthen both individuals and communities. Together with her colleague, Dorthe Madsen, she is now working with the municipality of Sermersooq to do a Trauma Healing Community Resilience Development project in Paamiut with disadvantaged families and the professionals who work with them. An expected total of 1500 people will benefit directly or indirectly from the project.

The municipality is supporting this project, but more funding is needed to make it happen, for which we need your support!

Donate to Run for the Future: https://gofund.me/bf51e607


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