Our vision is to provide a beacon of hope, a place of sanctuary, a place where women can come to be fortified internally, whatever their background, creed, or colour. It is a place where women can be safe to explore their inner journey, find the greatness of companionship, discover what we are here to do, and find ways to be useful to others.

It’s a place where young women can learn dignity, self-respect and the joy of being female. A place where women further along the road of life can share their wisdom. It is a place where we can get to understand more about relationships, the male gender, love, success, creativity and how to establish a real mutuality and understanding between men and women, so that we can work together for our future.

What We Do

Feminenza funds and directly manages five global programmes: Transformative Leadership, Understanding and Managing Fear, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Trauma Healing, and Gender Respect.

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Feminenza is active in 15 countries, with formal organizations having been established in 7 of these, for the delivery of Feminenza’s works to beneficiaries.

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Books for Changemakers Campaign

Dear friends, 

We want to let you know about an exciting new crowdfunding project that just launched in the Summer of 2021! 

Feminenza is raising money to buy books and films for participants in two projects running in 2021-22: the Forgiveness Development course and the Secondary Traumatic Stress – Developing Resilience project  (co-funded by ERASMUS+ programme).  Up to 130 participants from 20 countries participate, from Kenya, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian territories, Turkey and EU (Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Italy).

Your donation helps us to reach our goal to provide access to the educational material (books and films)  for participants in need.

You can make a donation on our crowdfunding campaign page by clicking the link below.

Books for Changemakers: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/books-for-change-makers


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