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STS project diary 8 – Forgiveness – Pillar 1 – Understanding

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Forgiveness Pillar 1 – Understanding – August 1 & August 8 – Both Cohorts

Pillar 1 - Understanding

Often, at times of conflict or hurt, it is very difficult to see the offender as a human being – a human – same as me, just like me.  Often, we cannot fathom how is it that they don’t see us – the human being in front of them, to whom they are causing hurt or harm.  Many questions come up when we are faced with violence, genocide, senseless killings, verbal, emotional, or physical abuse. How is it that human beings commit such unthinkable acts, seemingly have no semblance of humanity, have become so cold and calculated, claim to follow orders, or simply lose control?