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Founding Body
(Feminenza International)

Board Members
Mary Noble.jpg
Tyson Merriam.jpg

Tyson Merriam
Board Treasurer

Edith Borst.jpg
Edith Borst
Board Secretary
Penny Aposkiti.jpg

Penny Aposkiti
Chief Information Officer


Lynn Davies
Co-Chief Fundraising Officer

Monique Weber.jpg
Monique Weber
Board Member

Feminenza International
PO Box 1261, King's Lynn, PE30 9GP
United Kingdom

Office address:

Feminenza International c/o Latimers
Como House, Como Road, Malvern, WR14 2TH, United Kingdom

Feminenza International is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, and is registered with the Charity Commission in the UK, No.1170535.

In the encouragement of women's futures, working towards a greater mutuality between the genders."

Vision Statement, Feminenza International

We commenced in 2000, Today more than 90 volunteers are located in the United Kingdom: homemakers, educators, psychologists, physicians, therapists, artists, community and youth workers, and activists and specialists: 

  • Hosting regular gatherings for women in the Greater London area, Nottinghamshire, West Wales; providing courses and workshops both directly for the public as well as for charities and community based organisations

  • Hosting inter-faith community gatherings and concerts on Forgiveness

  • Assisting:

    • the disadvantaged

    • the elderly

    • traveller community

    • trafficked women

    • persons in prison

    • displaced communities and refugees

    • those escaping forced marriage and honour killings

    • lives locked in stress depression and anxiety

    • those facing death or bereavement


Feminenza International's core target community is the UK. It also serves as the supervisory body for all Feminenza activities worldwide. 


Our volunteers, design and develop most of the courses now in use worldwide, directly improving lives on four continents. Furthermore, they have also been instrumental in securing UK-wide and worldwide sponsorship for:

  • The 2006 UNESCO PEER conference in Nairobi, ‘Utu na Ndugu’ (Humanity and Gender), to support some 180 NGOs from the great lakes region of Africa, through a week long gathering on gender respect, FGM, value for our common humanity

  • Delivery of more than 1100 computers for schools and colleges, complete with fully up-to-date copies of Microsoft Office and an educational toolkit

  • Thirty charities and NGOs in the UK, Europe and the Middle East with EU Erasmus funding (Click here for more information on our 2021 Erasmus project.)

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, demand for our services has snowballed, reaching as high as 75 participants benefitting every week. In 2022, we established a large educational centre in the United Kingdom. 

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