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STS project diary 10 – Forgiveness – Pillar 3 – Remedy

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

October 10 & October 17, 2021 – both cohorts

Every pillar of Forgiveness starts with the proposal that forgiveness is not a reaction, it starts in the knowledge that in this imperfect world, we may need to take steps, ourselves, perhaps even alone, to make this world a better place. A mindset that goes to what needs to be put right, remedied, to safeguard the future, to update our perceptions; knowing that we are all still developing in our humanity, that we are not finished or complete, that there is much still to learn.

What do we mean by remedy?  Our life is filled with natural remedies – sleep, light, music, a warm smile, or a hug at the right time is remedial and can be the start of a healing process. A new day, a clean slate, the possibility of a fresh start… Forgiveness…  Five kinds spring to mind: