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Forgiveness Development Course

Promoting Forgiveness and Reconciliation through education

Forgiveness naturally exists and lives in each human, but the journey to reaching it in oneself is often full of obstacles and roadblocks. Forgiveness can be transformative, uplifting. It enables us to let go of all desires of a better past, to release us into a future not determined by the acts of others, to establish enduring, meaningful, and practical humanity within.


Two-Course Levels of Engagement

Level 1 – Becoming the change 

Online workshops, private study and research:

  • Seven Pillar of Forgiveness

  • Gender and Forgiveness

  • One’s own project of living

  • Building intactness

  • Reflective processes

  • Evidence of what works


Level 2 – Becoming a licensed Practitioner

Learn to make a difference in a community. Help is provided to:

  • Understand your community needs

  • Plan your project

  • Measure impact

  • Benefit from an Intensive Practitioner Development Retreat in Greece

  • Mentor you through the obstacles


Registration for the course is now closed.

Participants include NGO workers assisting communities living with the effects of, and with personal and inter-generational trauma, armed conflict, and gender-based violence in Kurdistan-Iraq, Kenya, Israel, Turkey.

As well as individuals from Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, Holland, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, seeking to settle their yesterdays, to take charge of their lives and, going forward, to vouchsafe a place of warmth and lightness of being.

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