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Feminenza North America

Board Members
Lara Javalyn
Board Chair
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Susan Midlarsky
Board Treasurer
Dorota Chow
Board Secretary
Eileen McGowan
Board Member

Tyson Merriam

Board Member

Feminenza North America

1608 Camp Road, PMB 64

Charleston, SC 29412

Tax exempt EIN is #32‐0253743 

Feminenza North America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, registered in the US, and is unaffiliated with any religion, political organization or platform. All donations are tax deductible to full extent of the law.

Before this training, the fear had more power, but now I have more power.


Seeing all the qualities was really powerful. I could feel the cards reflecting back the best of me."

Participant of Feminenza's Young Women’s Leadership Program in the USA

Since its founding, Feminenza North America assisted with developing a number of programs including Transformative Leadership, Understanding and Managing Fear, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, and Trauma Healing. These programs have helped to transform many lives around the globe and in North America, from young girls in Kenya who, in times of turmoil and violence, were afraid to step out of their houses; to ex-gang leaders who stepped away from violence and are now forgiveness and reconciliation counselors in their own communities; to high school girls from New York who took part in a two-year Young Women’s Leadership Program which involved assisting younger girls in their community with anti-bullying and conflict resolution skills (article), to Forgiveness work at the Cascade Women’s Shelter in Seattle (article).


With membership across the US and Canada, each local chapter within FNA (in Seattle, New York, Tennessee, Florida, Toronto) holds regular meetings with its founding members to continue our own inner development work as well as to offer workshops, events and collaborating with other organizations to enhance their work through our programs.


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