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Feminenza Denmark

Board Members
Sara Sander
Chair of Feminenza Denmark
photo Mariane Jørgensen F DK board.jpg
Marianne Jorgensen
Board Treasurer

Lars Høy Hansen

Lis H K Høegh (2).jpg

Lis Hoegh
Board Member

Anne-Grethe Bendix - FDK.jpg

Anne Grete Bendix
Board Member

Feminenza Danmark

CO/  Aavej 5, 4735 Mern. DK

The most important aspect for me is to feel the warmth of sisterhood that was present here today – that helps to heal some of the wounds inside me."

Participant of Sisters of the World Conference in Denmark

Feminenza and Oesthuset, a youth and women’s center in Denmark working with projects, events and activities for children, youth and their parents, hosted the Sisters of the World conference. This annual event is an opportunity for women to meet and discuss important issues relevant to their communities. This year the focus was on forgiveness, specifically the importance of understanding. 

Read more about the Women's Days in the East House (.pdf)


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