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Feminenza Israel

Board Members
Edna Cohen Mazliah.jpg
Edna Cohen Mazliach
Chair of Feminenza Israel

Roni Gonen Simchoni 

Dror Assia
Board Member
Julie Arbel
Board Member

Esther Bar-El
Education Developer


Liliane Oks
Board Member

Feminenza Israel
Address: Kamon 2011200

ID 580652949

Feminenza Israel is registered as a non-profit organization.

Annual Reports

We came out of it better women, less judgmental, more understanding and more knowledgeable, and therefore also better teachers, more conscious about ourselves and our weaknesses."

Participant of Forgiveness educator's course in Israel 

Feminenza Israel continues to offer opportunities to work with the Seven Pillars of Forgiveness through online and in-person workshops. 


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