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Young Women’s Leadership Program, North America

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Young Women’s Leadership Program Eileen McGowan, Feminenza North America

This program was initiated in 2014 with the support of ladies from Feminenza North America and the leadership of Eileen McGowan, an FNA Board member. The overall goal of the program was to establish a group of young women leaders, from PHS (Peekskill High School), that would become positive contagion agents who are actively assisting with specific needs within the Peekskill community and schools.

In addition to these young women getting to know themselves better, with respect to their gender, age and what it means to become a more responsible, ‘positive contagion’ into their communities, they also worked on developing their leadership skills. One of their first taskings was to interview leaders within the Peekskill community (such as the Mayor of Peekskill) in order to assess community needs and to also broaden their scope and knowledge. From there, they were asked to create and develop a community service project, out from their own passion and initiative, that would serve a need within the community. And they are now doing it!

Here are some of their accomplishments: