Trauma Healing Workshop Experience

Updated: Apr 24

Day 1

Understanding and Managing Fear – Part 1

Monday 15 October marked the first day of Feminenza’s Trauma Healing Workshop, bringing together 14 youth workers from the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Italy.

The day was full of new learning, storytelling, demonstrations, group work and a presentation on fear as we entered the first part of the Trauma Healing Workshop on Understanding & Managing Fear.

Participants experienced the ‘Field of Fears’, an experiential and private self-reflective process allowing each person to identify the fears that are active in them in a safe and neutral way.

“Fear is natural but a person can be stopped by not knowing how to manage their fears,” said Des O’Sullivan, one of the workshop educators. “Understanding is the first step.”

Participants learned that fear is natural, and fears can change during different stages of life. A person can learn the skill to bring fear to a standstill and take a conscious position about it. Anita Como from Per Esempio described the day as ‘full of hope’ and enjoyed the storytelling that illustrated depth and understanding about identifying and managing fears.

Thanks to Erasmus Plus for funding the programme, and our partners; Include Youth, Nidos, Per Esempio, West Wales Domestic Abuse Service, Karma Nirvana, and South Dublin County Partnership.