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International Women’s Day 2020 – Feminenza in the UK

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Feminenza members in London celebrated International Women’s Day 2020 with an exhibition dedicated to recognising extraordinary people who have been (or continue to be) instrumental in furthering the advancement of women.

A team of volunteers helped to create a warm and welcoming environment at the Centre in London, and the exhibition was arranged in a way that enabled visitors to experience each exhibit and engage with others in conversations with ease.

The theme covered a broad range of fields – including science, health, religion, humanity, or social welfare; it presented ordinary folk who have been motivated to either put things right or make the world a better place for the feminine gender.

Feminenza members were invited to submit an exhibit to represent a person whose work had inspired them. They were asked to write a short biography, identifying the qualities they embodied and the reason for their choice.

Contributions were received from Canada, Europe, and the UK. The portraits represented individuals spanning timescales that embraced both past and present; from ancient times to contemporary activists.

An example includes one exhibit featuring Buddha’s wife, Yasodhara – while another profiled climate activist, Greta Thunberg. Many others were humanitarians including three men who were dedicated in their respective work to improve the lives of women.

A special ‘Garden of Words’ was set up next to a wall displaying a series of miniature portraits of those featured in the exhibition. Visitors were invited to choose a quality, write it on a ‘post-it’ note and place it underneath the photographs where they saw that quality in the person. This offered an evocative experience – to walk along, observing each portrait and registering the strength of spirit in the eyes – clearly representing the qualities that helped them achieve their missions.

The day felt graced with value for human life and a deeper appreciation for those who have dedicated their lives to contributing to the betterment of the feminine gender.

Along with recognising some very spirited and courageous women and men and their accomplishments, the intention was to send out a signal of hope with a vision for what is possible through Feminenza’s work.


Andy Billings, Julie Geeves & Julie Glover Organisers & Curators of the Feminenza Exhibition, International Women’s Day, London 2020

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