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Cascade Women’s Program

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Feminenza North American facilitators living in Seattle, Washington, USA, conducted a series of Forgiveness workshops for the Cascade Women’s Program, a residential facility for women coming out of homelessness. The workshops were offered at no cost to participants, and funding for the program was raised via contributions from Feminenza members and supporters. Those who took part in the workshops found them strengthening, and relevant and supportive to women whose lives are in transition.

From Cascade’s Community Integration Specialist:

Our mission is to support women in gaining more self-advocacy and empowerment so they can achieve their personal goals. Feminenza has played a great role at CWP to help promote these ideas. The [Forgiveness] workshops have been extremely beneficial to the residents, as they help women to look introspectively at their lives and their ideas about difficult topics that can block personal growth…Cascade is grateful to partner with such a women-centered and women-run organization.
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