Our Mission

In the encouragement of women’s futures, working towards a greater mutuality between the genders.

Our Vision

We have a vision, a belief that as women, we have a huge part to play in the future of our world, but to play that part, we need to know ourselves better. We need to find an inner strength, an inner connection, to the deepest parts of ourselves, and from that, a connection with the best of each other. We need to learn to understand ourselves, profoundly, to rewrite the centuries of ignorance, of suppression, of seeing ourselves as insignificant. We need to search for the courage, the morality, the belief that everything is possible. We need to believe in that deepest part of ourselves, and we need to believe that there is a feminine spiritual power that we are born with and connected to by virtue of our gender. It has an intelligence. It can speak through our thoughts, through our actions, through our art, through our poetry, through our dance, through our cherishment of the uniqueness of each individual human being. It assists humanity.

Even amidst today’s terrors, bombs, and destruction, there is still hope for a brighter tomorrow. No-one is better placed to take that up, to champion that humanity, than those of us who still have relative freedom, relative security, relative ability to choose who we want to be and who we want to spend time with. We have time, we don’t live in a society where if we are widowed, our life is over, even at the age of 15, where we are denied access to education because we are female, where we are treated as faceless possessions. We can still act. We have a responsibility to act.

Our vision is to provide a beacon of hope, a place of sanctuary, a place where women can come to be fortified internally, spiritually, whatever their background, creed, or colour. It is a place where women can be safe to explore their inner journey, find the greatness of companionship, discover what we are here to do, and find ways to be useful to others.

It’s a place where young women can learn dignity, self-respect and the joy of being female. A place where women further along the road of life can share their wisdoms. It is a place where we can get to understand more about relationships, the male gender, love, success, creativity and how to establish a real mutuality and understanding between men and women, so that we can work together for our future; and it is a place where women are encouraged to discover that the last stage of life, after menopause, can be the greatest stage of all, the flowering of all the seeds that have been planted in her life, it is a place where we can help those seeds come into flower, where we learn what nourishes those seeds, and what chokes them.

Our vision is to have centres all over the world – we have already started in Europe – where we can develop this journey that some of us have been on for many years. They are places where we can share the knowledge and wisdom we have acquired, and exchange our experiences with other like minded women who want to come on this journey with us, discovering new ways to bring healing into this world, new ways to bring love into this world and respect between men and women into this world, finding new ways to become a home in ourselves for those living essences that the world so badly needs, the essences of care, respect, love, understanding, patience and humility. To be custodians of those qualities doesn’t come easy, we have to work for it, pay a price for it, and be prepared to put our egos and insecurities to one side for it. This is the task and the joy that lies before us.

We have yet to find all the finance and the facilities, but we believe that will come, because we know there is whole army of women out there who feel the same way we do.