We formed in 2000 as a non-profit company in the UK with a mission: ‘the encouragement of women’s futures, working towards a greater mutuality between the genders’, initially working to assist young girls and women everywhere to take charge of their lives; towards a more humane and peaceful society.

Today our work spans four continents. We have formal registered charities in: Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Kenya, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA; with volunteers serving in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Jordan, Kurdistan (Iraq), Norway, Palestinian Territories, Spain, Sweden, Turkey. Three Feminenza charities have been recognised with UN Observer Status; ECOSOC recognises our special work for the advancement of women in conflict affected communities in Africa and the Middle East.

We have, hitherto, been entirely volunteer-based. Outcomes, backed by fourteen years of DASS resilience outcome data, have been independently verified by UN WOMEN, SIDA, DFID, USAID, US Congress studies, and, more recently, the EU ERASMUS programme. Feminenza International has a unique role: in addition to assisting communities, groups and charities in the UK, we serve as the founding and development assistance hub for all Feminenza initiatives worldwide.

Most of our community work has, since inception, been funded by a loyal body of some 400 volunteers, 90 from the UK.

Major projects do however receive significant financial assistance:

  • In 2006 UNESCO enrolled our involvement with the protection of children and rural communities in Kenya and the Great Lakes region of Africa.
  • In 2009 UN WOMEN commissioned us to assist conflict impacted communities.
  • Often USAID, SIDA and DFID seek our involvement, to help children and women survivors of conflict-torn communities, building local expertise to address vulnerable groups.
  • In 2017 the EU, ERASMUS programme became a regular sponsor of our work to assist children, adolescents, youth, and women in vulnerable settings.

Since 2011 we’ve impacted upwards of 5000 souls a year

(i)      Directly for the public, specifically with children, adolescents, youth, girls and women, the disadvantaged and displaced: most with mental trauma, distress, loss of home and/or bereavement; for girls and women seeking to take charge of their lives we also provide courses in leadership.

(ii)      For the staff of affiliated Feminenza charities which, in turn, provide the same training and development services to their respective communities as well as collaborate on major international projects.

(iii)     For workers in community services, protection services, youth services, carer support, mental health, rehabilitation and end-of-life care services; the police, teachers, and others.

Over the years, to meet the growing need, both locally and internationally, we have invested more in the support, development, and mentoring of other charitable groups, to help them deliver the same services to high standards, which we set and rigorously validate. Alongside this we provide:

  1. Online courses and webinars serving UK and overseas charities/ NGOs (75 participants, 24 countries, every week) and
  2. Face-to-face workshops, usually 5-7 days in length, intensive at retreat centres for communities, community youth and mental health workers in the UK, mainland Europe, the USA, Africa, and the Middle East.

Here you can find out more about what we do and why

In the UK our work is most significantly known in: The Greater London Area, West Wales, the Midlands. In the next two years, a significant capital investment shall be made in facilities to serve East Anglia, the Midlands and the North.

Mary Noble, MA Archaeology/Social Anthropology (Lon); MA Peace and Reconciliation Studies (Coventry)
Co-Founder and CEO of Feminenza International

Trained and qualified in social anthropology and archaeology, conflict transformation and peace studies, and a veteran director of academic studies, Mary has worked for decades to promote the development of women and their spirituality, building a progressive partnership between the genders, and the work of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace building, focusing on the long term development of women as peacemakers.

Mary dedicates her time to giving lectures, seminars and workshops to women and men, travelling across the globe on behalf of Feminenza. She continues to develop a programme on transformative leadership, and runs international practitioner training courses in Understanding and Managing Fear, and Forgiveness. She believes passionately that we are in a critical time of change and that the liberation of the feminine soul at this point in history is essential for the future of all life on this planet. Her commitment to developing a new working relationship between men and women to help bring about this next stage of our evolution is demonstrated in her XX/XY seminars and talks.

In January 2006, she was invited to run a 4-day international conference, hosted by Feminenza and UNESCO PEER at the UN headquarters in Nairobi, titled Humanity & Gender.  This event served 250 delegates, men and women, representatives from business, NGOs and UN officers from the Great Lakes Region of Africa, to discuss some of the most fundamental issues where gender equity is concerned.  These included themes such as early forced marriage, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), positive masculinity, combating HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence through building awareness and value between the genders, giving respect to the stages of life, and forgiveness and reconciliation between the genders.

Transformative Leadership for Women: Since 2007 Mary has been developing a programme of Transformative Leadership for Women, which was piloted in Mombasa in 2008 with 60 women leaders, and subsequently became the basis for a UN Women funded programme to train women to lead conflict mitigation activities in the Rift Valley.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation: In July 2007, Mary ran a 2 day seminar for over 100 delegates in Nairobi on Finding Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Peace, hosted by Feminenza and UNILAC, a University for refugee students from Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC.  Since then she has held workshops and seminars all over the world, including New Zealand, Greece, Israel, Turkey, the UK and the USA. In 2010-2011 she completed a pilot programme for training grassroots women as Forgiveness and Reconciliation Counsellors in Kenya, funded by UN Women. Her focus now is on training new practitioners from around the world.

Trauma Healing: In 2015, Mary ran a 5 day trauma healing workshop in partnership with Global Communities, for 60 community leaders from the informal settlements of Nairobi. In 2016 this was conducted for 30 adolescent girls and young women who had experienced severe gender-based violence. In June 2017, Mary conducted a trauma healing workshop for 25 community Elders from Nakuru County.

Board of Trustees

Edith Borst
Charity Secretary

Tyson Merriam

Monique Weber

Penny Aposkiti
Trustee – CIO
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