Feminenza in Germany

Board Members

Gabriele Weigl

Brunhild Dickreiter

Birgit Walkemeier

Feminenza Deutschland e. V. was registered as a non-profit organisation in 2014. So far, activities have taken place in Berlin, Cologne, Nuremberg and the Westerwald, and there are international exchanges with other Feminenza organisations and NGOs. These include regular gatherings and Zoom meetings in which new projects are developed.  

All works and activities of Feminenza Deutschland e.V. are executed on voluntary basis and pro bono. Membership fees and donations provide a regular source of income by which we can fund our activities, projects, and programmes.

The Feminenza workshops are, among other things, based on the belief that different parts are active in different phases in every woman’s life. To consciously understand these parts of ourselves can help us to make decisions in a new way and bring about more balance and an increased sense of well-being.

The following topics, among others, have been offered as workshops, seminars, and webinars:

  • Forgiveness as a basis for new mutuality
  • Being at peace with myself – letting go and making space for something new
  • Understanding and managing fears
  • The mechanism of “taking everything personally” – how can it be done differently?
  • Partnership between woman and man – what does it take to succeed?
  • Living self-determinedly and taking position
  • Being at home in myself – finding ways to myself, again and again
  • The four inner lives of women
  • Quality instead of quantity – filling my life with values and qualities
  • Images of women – what determines the image of women and how does this affect me?

Feminenza Deutschland e.V. is registered in 53719 Siegburg/ Germany with the reference number VR 3307 and has charitable status, allowing all donations to be tax deductible. The governance of Feminenza Germany e.V. resides with the Board:  Gabriele Weigl (Chair), Brunhild Dickreiter (Co-Chair) and Birgit Walkemeier (Treasurer).

Annual activity report and financial accountability
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