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PHS Students Interview Nobel Laureate, Leymah Gbowee

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

PHS girls, Adasa Bennet, Symphony Boyd-Roberts, Kayla Godbee, Gabby Yeagley, Nia Robinson, Jamilla Desir, and Brittney Pauta did an excellent job in interviewing Leymah as they asked relevant, profound questions that triggered many stories, words of wisdom, and counsels from Leymah. The girls presented themselves with a level of maturity and stature that impressed Leymah and all the adult women in the room. Dr. Cassandra Hyacinthe and PCSD Board Member, Lisa Aspinall were also present and engaged in the interview process.

The interview lasted approximately two hours, and all present in the room were completely captured by Leymah’s presence, straight-forward manner, strength, and charisma. Her encouragement to the girls remained a strong thread throughout the evening and she advised them to “never compare themselves to anyone else and to just be themselves.” She spoke to them not only about her experiences in Liberia, but also about relationships, life’s struggles, how to succeed as a woman, and to “never despise humble beginnings”.

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