Suncokret – Centre for Community Development

A Croatian non-profit NGO founded as a response to the psychosocial needs of a rural, isolated, economically deprived, ethnically mixed, postwar community.

Czech Republic

Neposeda z.ú

Non-profit organization. We help other people to live the lives they want.


Danish Refugee Council 

Danish Refugee Council (DRC) – is a leading, international humanitarian displacement organisation, supporting refugees and internally displaced persons in 40 countries.


Landsforeningen Spor

Spor  – meaning TRACKS in English –  is Denmark’s only national organization for adults with long-term symptoms of sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence.

Media health for children and youth

Mediahealth is a private, non-profit NGO, that works to ensure the mental health and sexual and emotional well-being of children and youth in a digital age.

The Streetmanager Association

The Streetmanagers work with young criminals and young people at risk of crime in vulnerable neighborhoods. The purpose is to secure social rehabilitation and crime-prevention in these areas.


Voice of Ezidis 

Voice of Ezidis aims at supporting Ezidi refugees in France throughout the integration process. We also support displaced people in the North of Iraq and advocate for the recognition of the 2014 genocide and to bring about justice for the victims.



With a strong focus on dignity and empowerment, Fenix provides holistic legal aid and protection services to asylum seekers and refugees on Lesvos, Greece.

Freedom Gate Greece 

Freedom Gate Greece is a non-profit non-governmental (NGO) organization which purpose according to its statutes is to combat social exclusion of vulnerable social groups, as well as the psycho-social support thereof.

Love and Serve Athens

Love And Serve Without Boundaries is an entire volunteer-led welcoming community centre in Athens, Greece that provides education classes and access to basic aid such as food and clothing.


ELEM -Youth in Distress 

ELEM- Youth in Distress was founded 34 years ago. Since its establishment, we have been at the forefront of working for youth and raising awareness of their distress onto the social/national agenda.

Mar Elias Educational Institutions

Mar Elias Educational Institutions, founded by Archbishop Emirartues Elias Cachhour, gathers students from all over the Galilee region in Israel.  The High school, in particular, remains a pioneer not only in academic excellence but also in its mission for peace and dialogue.

Ruach Nashit – Women’s Spirit

Women’s Spirit works to promote the economic independence of women survivors of violence in Israel and strives for social change from a feminist perspective and commitment to social and gender justice.

Israel and Palestinian Territories

Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF)

A unique organization made up of more than 600 Israeli and Palestinian bereaved families. The members – all of whom have lost a family member to the conflict – have undertaken a joint effort amid ongoing violence to transform their incredible loss and pain into a catalyst for reconciliation and peace.


European Campus

European Campus

The European Campus is an educational and cultural institution which, inspired by the idea of ​​culture as a public and collective fact, as a social asset, contributes to the overall social and civil growth of the whole community through the activation and management of cultural and educational services.


Desert Bloom

Desert Bloom is a non-profit based in Jordan dedicated to empowering people, particularly those with fewer opportunities, to take greater control of their lives and to positively contribute to peace and sustainable development.

Jowomenomics logo


Our belief system is to educate and empower young women of their right to thrive and prosper in their communities. With the little economic impact on the development of the Kingdom reinforced by out-dated cultural mindsets; women are financially disenfranchised, and victim to male-dominated power imbalances. As a result, entire communities of women are rendered ineffective and confined to the margins.


De Regenboog Groep

De Regenboog Groep in Amsterdam offers shelter and structure to people living in (social) poverty, counteracts loneliness, and strengthens the social network.

Stichting Avrasya

The aim of the foundation of Avrasya is to make the immigrated Turkish and Azerbaijani women living in the Netherlands, The Hague, feel at home.  Avrasya guides women, men, youth, looking for freedom, and integrity.


Asociația Áradat Egyesület

Our mission is to promote the development of a life-affirming attitude and resilience.

United Kingdom

Hibiscus Initiatives 

Hibiscus Initiatives support foreign nationals, and black, minority ethnic, and refugee groups serving a custodial sentence, released into the community, or returned to their home country.