About the Founders


mnobleMary Noble, MA Archaeology/Social Anthropology (Lon); MA Peace and Reconciliation Studies (Coventry)
Co-Founder and CEO of Feminenza International

Trained and qualified in social anthropology and archaeology, conflict transformation and peace studies, and a veteran director of academic studies, Mary has undertaken a long study of the development of women, the history of women’s spirituality, building a progressive partnership between the genders, and the work of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace building. In 1983 she co-founded Woman Alive with Joanna Francis. Feminenza, established in 2000, seeks to promote and sustain the long-term development of women, their understanding of themselves and their roles in leadership and society.

Mary is an international speaker and seminar leader on behalf of Feminenza and has developed many talks including ‘The Trace of Feminine Spirituality’ and “The Loving League of Sisters”. These are truly inspiring and bring together some of the deeper aspects of the lives of women through the centuries. She believes passionately that we are in a critical time of change and that the liberation of the feminine soul at this point in history is essential for the future of life on this planet. Her commitment to developing a greater mutuality and new working relationship between men and women to help bring about this next stage of our evolution is demonstrated in her XX/XY seminars and talks. These include, “Exploring New Understandings about the XX and XY Genders” and “Battle of the Sexes or a Vision for a Shared Future?” She dedicates her time to giving lectures, seminars and workshops to women, men and school children, travelling across the globe on behalf of Feminenza.

In Jan 2006, she was invited to run a 4-day international conference, hosted by Feminenza and UNESCO PEER at the UN headquarters in Nairobi, titled ‘Humanity & Gender’.  This event served 250 delegates, men and women, representatives from business, NGOs and UN officers from the Great Lakes Region of Africa, to discuss some of the most fundamental issues where gender equity is concerned.  These included themes such as early forced marriage, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), positive masculinity, combating HIV/AIDS and gender based violence through building awareness and value between the genders, giving respect to the stages of life and forgiveness and reconciliation between the genders.

Transformative Leadership for Women: Since 2007 Mary has been developing a 3 year programme of Transformative Leadership for Women, which was piloted in Mombassa in 2008 with 60 women leaders, and has since become the basis for UN Women funded programme to train women to lead conflict mitigation activities in the Rift Valley..

Forgiveness and Reconciliation: In July 2007, Mary ran a 2 day seminar for over 100 delegates in Nairobi on “Finding Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Peace”, hosted by Feminenza and UNILAC, a University for refugee students from Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC.  Since then she has held workshops and seminars in New Zealand, Greece, Israel, the UK and the USA, focussing on “The Seven Pillars of Forgiveness”, a Feminenza publication which she helped to author. In 2010-2011 she completed a pilot Programme for training grassroots women as Forgiveness and Reconciliation Counsellors in Kenya, funded by UN Women. In 2012-2015, she will undertake further work in Kenya, Israel and the US on the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation, focussing on the long term development of women as peacemakers.

jfrancisJoanna Francis, MA English Literature
Co-Founder of Feminenza & Author

Born in Canada, Joanna then moved to Poland at a time of great political upheaval and social change, which shaped her desire to make sustainable, uplifting changes in herself and provide the ecology for others to discover and become the best they can be. Following graduation she lectured at Warsaw University and then worked for eight years as a journalist, developing her natural wit and sense of theatre, when working for the radio. The turning point came in 1974 when searching for personal freedom, Joanna moved to England. There she became friends with Mary Noble and in 1983 they co-founded Woman Alive, a personal development organisation for women, and later went on to establish Feminenza in 2000. Having spent 15 years in Canada developing Feminenza and running personal and spiritual development courses, she now lives in the USA with her husband David.

Joanna is the author of several books, including “In-tuition”, insights from one woman’s spiritual journey and “Rainbow Woman”, exploring the seven ages of life.