Programmes Worldwide


Feminenza funds and directly manages four global programmes:

  • Give a Girl a Chance. Devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation, education and mentoring of girls and young women escaping early forced marriage and female genital mutilation. For the most part Feminenza tries to find ways of enabling refuges and rehabilitation centres to operate from Feminenza micro funds (see Feminenza provides advice to enable such centres to improve their own financial sustainability and depend less each year on donor funding.
  • Feminenza International Development. Promotes and sustains the long term development of women, their understanding of themselves, and their roles in leadership and society. It also works to improve partnerships between the genders as one of the fundamental keys to building peace in the minds of humanity, and resolving poverty, war, disease, terrorism and environmental degradation.
  • Provide a Voice. Provides communications and technological infrastructure for NGOs and programmes around the world to be able to be better equipped to support their constituencies, to be better able to deliver their message to the wider donor community, and to be more effective at securing direct funding. This may include the delivery of computers, internet website development, marketing support, or even the provision of a basic review of an organization to help with its development.
  • Humanity and Gender. This programme starts with the attitude that one gender cannot, on its own, solve the problems of this world; that the two genders working together may have a chance. We offer opportunity for individuals, communities and NGOs to communicate and share innovation and successful strategy for the benefit of other communities and other countries. Via this programme Feminenza has been able to make a substantial contribution to global efforts on forgiveness, reconciliation, gender respect and leadership.

Any organisation with aims and principles consistent with those of Feminenza may apply for, and secure, support from Feminenza’s global repository of skills and competencies.